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69% of people who found a business using the Yellow Pages Book®, contacted them and 60% of these people went on to make a purchase.*
* Independent research of people aged 18+ conducted by TNS in Australia (July 2010 – June 2012).


    • Delivered nation-wide

      Yellow Pages books are delivered to every home and business across Australia, both across Australia’s six major metro areas: Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth and in regional areas. 



    • Connect with buyers, not browsers

      In business, timing is everything. Being there for your customers when they’re ready to buy is the perfect example. But how do you know when they’re ready to buy? Well, we’ve done some research for you and discovered that people turn to the Yellow Pages Book when they're ready to buy. In fact, more than 60% of all people who contact a business using the book go on to make a purchase.*

      * Independent research of people aged 18+ conducted by TNS in Australia (July 2010 – June 2012).

    • No internet? No worries

      Over the years, we’ve learnt that Australians in regional areas are often on the road and mobile internet access isn’t always the same as it is in the city. To help you and your customers, we created Yellow Pages in the car. It’s a glove box-sized book that ensures your business will always be within customers’ reach – even when the internet isn’t.

    • Yellow Pages, green initiatives

      The Yellow Pages Book has received carbon neutral certification from the Australian Government. We’re also committed to reducing the carbon footprint through our Green Office program and work alongside a number of outside partners and community groups to build a better, more sustainable future for Australia. We like to think of it as a little good karma for our business, and yours.

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To capture a new market and “get with the program,” they’ll be moving a larger part of their future advertising online.

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  • In-column

    Discover the right In-Column ad for your business

    Are you looking for print advertising that suits your unique needs? Our book's range of In-Column ads provide a variety of simple yet effective options, so your business can be discovered - no matter the budget! Take a look at the range below and contact us if you'd like to learn more

    • Line Entries

      A bold and simple message

      A Line Entry, or coloured line entry, is a simple and easy way to stand out from the crowd. By highlighting your business name in bold letters or red colour, you can communicate all the essential details, while attracting more attention and more customers.

    • Space Entries

      Enjoy a space of your own

      Your business deserves to be noticed, so we’re here to help give it the space it needs. With a Yellow Pages Space Entry, you can choose from six different sizes that will give you the space you need to tell your business’s story, stand out from the crowd and add credibility.

    • Trade Entries

      A large logo and local customers

      Brand recognition can be a key deciding factor for potential customers. With a Trade Entry you can include your business’s logo and list multiple business locations. This means your local customers (and new ones) can find you quickly and easily.

    • Web & Email

      Drive your customers online

      Ensure potential customers are directed to valuable information about your business with our Web and Email Entries. Positioned in bold and blue at the front of the classification, you can display your business’s website address and an email contact to help drive sales leads.

    • Target Ads

      Zero in on the details

      We believe that every business deserves the freedom to stand out from the crowd when targeting local customers or searching for your speciality. Our Target Ads are flexible in size, colour and graphics so you can highlight the most important things about your business and promote your unique offerings.

    • Directional Entries

      A big ad for big results

      Looking for a way to stand strong against your classification competitors? A Directional Entry gives you a dominant space within a column, and the ability to highlight your suburb to attract local customers. There’s a variety of sizes available, all of them large enough to help your business stand out.

  • Display

    Put your business on display

    In 2012 the Yellow Pages® Call Tracking program facilitated over 18.6 million calls to participating Yellow Pages® Advertisers.* Available in a range of sizes from full page through to single units and budgets, ready to customise with images, logos and specific information, a Display Ad in the Yellow Pages Book is the perfect way to showcase your business. *The Yellow Pages® Call Tracking program was previously known as the Sensis® Metered Ad Program. Metered Ad Analytics call usage data January to December 2012. Call data includes answered, unanswered and busy calls.

  • Brand Awareness

    Placements as unique as your business

    Brand recognition is often a key factor when customers are deciding between seemingly similar businesses. To help sway the decision your way, we’ve opened up the Yellow Pages Book to provide you with premier advertising space that offers many options for promoting your brand unlike your competitors. Find the right option for you by browsing the options below.

    • Front cover billboard

      Put your business in front of the pack

      There’s only one of these on every Yellow Pages Book so consider the space reserved for your business, and your business only. Without competitors vying for attention, your message will be clear, and your brand will likely be the first thing customers see as soon as they pick up the book.

    • Spine

      Enjoy the prime position.

      Every business has a backbone, but when it comes to advertising in the Yellow Pages Book, only one can have a spine. This space is so exclusive no other businesses can advertise in the space, leaving your business in one of the strongest positions available.

    • Inside Front Cover

      Put your business in first place.

      There’s nothing subtle about the Inside Front Cover of the Yellow Pages. They’re among the most highly used pages inside the book and for good reason: they’re big, bold, colourful and put your brand in front of customers as soon as they open the book.

    • Inside Back Cover

      A lasting impression

      Have the last word in the Yellow Pages Book with exclusive use of the Inside Back Cover. Like the front cover, they’re big, bold, colourful and utilise the premium placement of the book’s cover. The biggest difference? Rather than a first impression, this space leaves a lasting one.

    • Outside Back Cover

      Be the last thing customers remember

      Ever thought about what it might be like for your business to be on the cover of a major publication? Have the entire back cover of the Yellow Pages Book reserved exclusively for your business and leave a message that lasts.

    • Banners

      Hold the banner high for your business

      Ever wanted to add some weight to your message and gain an edge on your competitors? By taking out a Banner placement in the Yellow Pages Book your business will be positioned at the base of the page under your business’s complimentary heading. For extra impact, there’s also the option to tell your brand story across banners on three consecutive pages.

  • Compare

* The Yellow Pages® Call Tracking program was previously known as the Sensis® Metered Ad Program. Metered Ad Analytics call usage data January to December 2012. Call data includes answered, unanswered and busy calls.The ad shown is an example only to give you an idea of the options we have available. It isn’t actual size and all features shown may not be available in all headings within all book or coverage products. Appearance, colour, contract and alignment could vary depending on different paper, inks and printing processes.

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